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Dr. Tracy Powell and the staff at the Animal Medical Clinic understand how important each and every breeding is to a breeder. So much time and money is invested in every litter. We want your breeding to be a success.

We recommend performing the appropriate health tests for your breed prior to using the dog in your breeding program. Healthy dogs have improved fertility and better conception rates.

The AMC is able to provide the necessary testing and services for a successful breeding. We can evaluate, handle and ship semen. Next day results are available for progesterone blood tests to determine the appropriate time to breed. In house LH tests also assist in timing. In house progesterone is available to determine proper time for caesarian section surgery. Dr. Powell performs vaginal and surgical inseminations using fresh, fresh chilled and frozen semen. Planned caesarian section surgery is available. For your convenience, we can board your dog and perform the necessary testing and breedings.

The AMC is an AKC approved frozen semen facility. We freeze and store semen in house. We do not send it to another location to be stored. We can ship the frozen semen with appropriate notice. We can store semen here, even collected elsewhere.


  • semen collection and evaluation
  • fresh chilled semen collection and shipment  (10 day extender available)
  • vaginal cytology and culture
  • progesterone blood test
  • in house LH test
  • brucellosis blood test
  • vaginal insemination
  • transcervical insemination (Click here to view video *Warning* Video is graphic)
  • surgical insemination
  • breeding and infertility consultations and workup
  • OFA hip, elbow and thyroid
  • Ultrasound for pregnancy and infertility
  • Caesarian section surgery
  • AKC approved frozen semen facility