We provide quality medicine and surgery for all breeds of cats and dogs, and from the ages of newborn to geriatric. We’re always excited to work with the new pet owner or the experienced pet-lover.

At the Animal Medical Clinic, we offer complete medical and surgical services. These services cover routine care and emergency treatment for both the scheduled appointment and drop-off day visits.

We offer in-house diagnostic bloodwork testing for immediate results. We can test for tick diseases (Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma), heartworm disease, pancreatitis, feline leukemia and feline AIDS. We also can send-out lab work for additional testing.

We have a long standing relationship with both surgical and ultrasound/internal medicine specialists. They travel to our hospital to provide services for our patients, rather than you having to bring your pet elsewhere.

You have access to dental cleaning and surgery, as well as an array of daily maintenance supplies, keep your pet’s mouth healthy and breath smelling pleasant.

The AMC believes in proper pain management for all pets, including those with arthritis and after surgical procedures.

We stock prescription diets for pets with special dietary needs including diabetes, weight management, kidney disease, urinary tract disease, and allergies. We have different brands on hand. We also support the manufacturer’s guarantee that if your pet does not like their food, un-opened cans and opened bags can be returned for a full refund.

A complete pharmacy allows for convenient refills of most medications, dietary supplements and shampoos. Heartworm preventative and flea and tick medications are strongly recommended for all pets year-round. Preventives and prescriptions can be picked up during business hours, or shipped to your home through our online pharmacy.

Besides scheduled appointments with a doctor, we also offer drop off appointments. You can drop your pet off with us for the day if we do not have an appointment available or if it is more convenient for you.

Laser procedures include tumor removal, wound healing, dental services, nail trimming, etc. The laser decreases bleeding and pain by cauterizing nerves and blood vessels.

A modern and newly renovated surgery room provides your pet with state of the art surgical equipment. Fast acting anesthetics such as propofol and sevoflurance are available for geriatric pets and patients with special needs. Precise monitoring equipment is used by trained staff on all patients undergoing anesthesia.

We have cages of all sizes to accommodate all pets. Large runs allow for a comfortable stay for large and giant breed dogs. Cat kennels include hide-away places to keep felines comfortable.

We are a cat-friendly hospital, with a cat-only exam room and restricted kennel facilities.

See the link for canine reproduction services for more information on the breeding services available. The AMC also believes in health testing all breeding dogs and offers PennHIP and OFA hip, elbow and thyroid testing.

Dr. Powell performs early spay and neuter for breeders of certain breeds that want their puppies to go to their permanent homes already altered.